water wizard
Ecological disinfectant for ships
Procedure for new systems, systems out of use or dirty systems (shock treatment)

- Ensure water cannot be consumed by guests or personnel.
- Empty water storage points.
- Turn on dosing system and adjust pump to correct dosing level as indicated for system cleaning.
- Open furthest tap or drain point until WATER WIZARD can be measured with peroxide test strips. (meant to indicate presence       of peroxide)
- Open all other tap points one by one, starting with the taps farthest away, testing them one by one with test strips.
- Adhere to the recommended waiting time with product in lines.
- Once dosing time has passed: Adjust dosing system to recommended dosing level for continuous dosing.
- Flush entire system thorough until operator is sure normal dosing level has been reached in complete system.
- For extremely dirty systems the procedure may have to be repeated.

Continuous dosing to improve water quality and maintaining a clean water-system:

- Normal dosing after shock treatment: 20 ml. of WATER WIZARD per M3 water.
To maintain water quality and keep system free from biofilm, bacteria's and viruses.

Properties of WATER WIZARD:

<img src="puppy.jpg" alt="Water-wizard ecological disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide">
- Stabilized hydrogen peroxide trough micro-       encapsulation.
- Biocidal enhanced at molucular level trough       special formulation.
- Highly effective in removing organic pollution      such as biofilm.
- Made entirely from food safe ingredients.
- Fully breaks down into harmless products like   water and oxygen.
- Unaffected by pH or temperature.
- Does not contain metals like silver-nitrate.
- Can be active up to 170 hours.
- Ensures a highly effective elimination of               micro-organisms.
- Up to 20 times more effective than normal         hydrogen peroxide.
- Applicable in wide range of applications.
- No resistance build-up by micro-organisms.
- Effective low maintenance dosage for                   continual   applications.
- Can also be used for pools and jacuzzi´s.
- Can be used in combination of UV sterilizer.
<img src="puppy.jpg" alt="Water-wizard ecological freshwater disinfectant">

WATER WIZARD can be used for:

- disinfectant of water systems.
- disinfectant of pools and jacuzzi's.
- surface disinfectant.
- disinfectant for food and vegetables.
- cooling tower water disinfection.
- water disinfection for emergency use.
- Bleaching (of teak-wood) and stain             removal.
- Industrial applications.
- Agricultural applications. 

Green ships:


Nowadays lots of money is invested in green shipping: hybrid ships, tier 3 engines or special hull designs are being build. The importance towards clients is high, have a look at this link:


With a small investment you can replace the chlorine in water-systems with harmless water wizard  stabilized hydrogen peroxide. You will protect the environment and your crew. With a small investment you could give a strong signal to your clients and guests on your ship.

Dosing rates water wizard:

                               Clean system                                Dirty system

Waiting time     Dosage ml/m3                                     Dosage ml/m3
in hours

     24 hrs.             200 ml/m3                                             400 ml/m

      12 hrs.             400 ml/m3                                     800 ml/m3 

       6 hrs.             500 ml/m3                                     1000 ml/m3

Constant dosing: 1 kg per 20.000 liter water.                                  
<img src="puppy.jpg" alt="Water-wizard ecological freshwater disinfectant for ships">