Mooring lines for yachts

Atlantic Yacht Services are importers of Langman Ropes for Spain.

About Langman Touwfabriek:

Langman was established in 1638 in Holland. They have been manufacturing
ropes with craftsmanship and are still one of the most important and innovative
yacht rope factories in Holland.
In May 2000 Langman moved to their new production facility in Nijkerk, Holland.
The production department has a surface of 4.500m².
They have a modern production line where they produce over 600 different
types of ropes.
In their production department are several twine, twisting and braiding machines.
With the modern machines they can supply all constructions, in the diameters
from 1 up to 150mm.  They process 200.000 meter of yarns and rope per day.
Besides machinery there is a skilled team of craftsman available who are working at the Boatswains department.

Langman got their in-house R&D-department and rope testing equipment.
( rope testing bench video)

Thanks to their modern machinery, skilled and motivated employees, service-oriented
attitude and flexible approach they can manufacture quickly and at competitive
prices producing a good quality rope.

Mooring Ropes from Atlantic Yacht Services:

Atlantic Yacht Services is importer for the Langman Touwfabriek products in Spain. We will provide you with expert advice about your lines with our experience and the factories back up.
We will prepare your ropes according to your requirements and supply them to your ship in an efficient manner.

We can adapt the ropes to your special wishes: special colours, with whipping, eyes with leather protection and in the materials you wish.

We also supply towing arrangements for tenders, anchor lines or pre stretched dyneema hoisting lines.

Please send your inquiries to us and we will make you a suitable offer.

<img src="puppy.jpg" alt="Water-wizard ecological disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide">
<img src="puppy.jpg" alt="Water-wizard ecological freshwater disinfectant">

Apart from personalised mooring ropes we can supply specials made by Langman Ropes.
Specials are: rope ladders, Jacobs Ladders, embarkation ladders, decorative fittings for barrier ropes and stair ropes, rope fenders and bow fenders.
We are willing to help you with any other special projects you may have and find a suitable solution  for you.

<img src="ropes.jpg" alt="Colours mooring rope">

Unique colours:

We can provide the Beaufort range of mooring lines in very special colours:
We have silver colour lines (Titanium) a gold colour line, beige and grey besides the traditional blue, black and white. Special other colours are available on request.

We can combine these lines with different colours of leather and whipping.
Like this we can personalise your lines to your wishes.

The mooring line will become an asset to your ship and will add value to your yachting experience.